14 Apr

Top 10 Things to Do in Boston

The Danish Country Boston location is in the heart of the great city of Boston. Here are some of my favorite things to do in  Boston. I can walk to all of them from the store. Some of them are insider secrets known primarily to people in the neighborhood. We have been here for 31 years and especially love this neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

So here they are – my top 10 favorite things to do in my favorite city. Of course, my starting point is 138 Charles Street, the Danish Country Boston store.

1. Panificio Bistro & Bakery at 144 Charles Street

This place is right next door and has the best coffee and treats whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. I like it because it’s a real place, not a chain. You’ll find me there most days for an afternoon coffee pick me up. Map

2. The Liberty Hotel at 215 Charles Street

With five dining and drinking venues to choose from, this hotel is a perfect spot for an after work cocktail or special dinner with my wife. When I was growing up in Boston, it was the Charles Street Jail – quite a switch and you can still see some of the old jail cells in the Alibi Bar! Map

3. Artu at 89 Charles Street

Another go-to place for lunch sandwiches. The roast lamb sandwich is outstanding and my first choice. Their dinners are great too. Map

4. Charles Street Supply & Hardware at 54 Charles Street

It may seem strange to you,  but I love hardware stores and this place has it all. They have things you never even knew you needed, but you do, and well as that thing you really do desperately need. They never let me down. Map

5. Savenor’s Market at 160 Charles Street

This little gourmet shop has everything from a perfect loaf of bread to quail eggs.  Plus Julia Child once shopped there – a nice claim to fame. Their meat selection is phenomenal. Map

6. Boston Public Library at 700 Boylston Street, Copley Square

This is a bit of a walk but a really beautiful one. You get to walk through the Boston Public Gardens and then stroll either Newbury or Boylston Street. The library building is an architectural masterpiece with a wonderful inner courtyard for a quiet cup of coffee. If you come to Boston don’t miss it. Map

7. Bromfield Pen Shop at 5 Bromfield Street

Getting to Bromfield Street is a nice walk down Charles, across Boston Common, and up Tremont. This pen shop has been there since 1948 and carries over 40 brands of pens and lots of other unique things as well. This is a classic old shop for those of us who still appreciate (or even remember) a really fine pen. Map

8. The Paramount at 44 Charles Street

This classic restaurant is right down the street from my store, has been around since 1937, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What more could you ask for? Just a heads up – there’s usually a waiting line for brunch on Sunday. It’s worth the wait. Map

9. The Sevens at 77 Charles Street

You can’t mention The Paramount without mentioning The Sevens, a true local bar that has been around forever offering beer, wine, and pub food. This is not a fancy place so be prepared to drink a beer at the long polished wood bar, throw some darts at the dart board in the back, and watch sports on the TV. It’s classic, real, and not what you would expect to find on Beacon Hill. Map

10. Upper Crust at 20 Charles Street

This is the original location and never fails to deliver a great pizza. Another go to place for lunch that locals and tourists all enjoy. I know that I do, that’s for sure.  And sometimes there are even a few slices leftover for the next day! Map