Sharjah Offers Upto 35 percent Discount on Traffic Fines

The United Arab Emirates has announced that Sharjah will introduce a 35% discount on traffic fines paid within two months. The discount campaign is aimed at encouraging motorists to pay their fines on time and reduce the number of pending violations. In this news, we will discuss the details of the discount campaign and how to pay your traffic fines in Sharjah.

Discount Calculation

Depending on how early you pay fine, the percentage of the discount will be calculated. If you pay the traffic fines within 60 days, you will get a 35% discount. If you pay the fines after 60 days and up to a year, you will get a 25% discount. However, if one year passes from the date of violation and the fine is not paid, the motorist will have to pay the full fine, and the vehicle will be impounded if the violation have this penalty.

Excluded Traffic Offences

It is important to note that a number of more serious traffic offenses are not included in the campaign, such as driving in a way that endangers lives, exceeding the speed limit by more than 80 kph, carrying out unlicensed modifications to vehicles, overtaking by lorry drivers when prohibited, and jumping red lights.

Payment Methods

To make the payment process easier for motorists, Sharjah offers various methods of payment for traffic fines. Motorists can pay traffic fines through the Sharjah Police website or app (android or iOS) or go to the Sharjah police centers personally and pay to clear fines.

Payment in Installments

Abu Dhabi police have also announced that motorists can pay their fine in interest-free installments online if they make the payment within one year. To avail of the fine installment service, you must have a credit card from any of the approved banks by Abu Dhabi police. You need to visit the Abu Dhabi police station in person to apply for the service. If you are sending a representative on your behalf, he or she should have a power of attorney to legally enable them to apply for the service for you. You would first need to make the payment station after which you will receive a receipt for the same. You must then contact your bank within two weeks of receiving the receipt to convert the payment into installments which can be spread over a maximum of one year. 

According to Abu Dhabi police, to convert fine payments into multiple installments, you must have two or more traffic violations coming up to over Dh2,000. Documents required are Emirates ID and a credit card from one of the approved banks.


The discount on traffic fines is a welcome relief for many motorists in Sharjah, UAE. It not only encourages timely payment of fines but also helps reduce the number of pending violations. The various payment methods available make it easier for motorists to pay their fines, and the installment option further facilitates payment. However, it is important to remember that traffic rules and regulations must be followed, and serious traffic offenses are not included in the discount campaign.