Mid-Century Modern Furniture

We’ve been been importing from Scandinavia for over 30 years. So we’ve been
seeing mid-century modern furniture, almost from the get go. But you know what? When we started it wasn’t in fashion. It wasn’t considered cool.

It wasn’t until six or seven years ago that we began to take a fresh look and later decided to
start shipping some back with us. We’ve found some beautiful pieces and our love and appreciation for mid-century modern has only grown stronger.

We love how easy it is to live with. We love how easy it is to mix with other styles. We’ve always believe that good design can stand on its own. You don’t need Spanish colonial chairs just because you have a Spanish colonial table. Good design is good design. And good eyes and taste will see that for what it is – beautiful furniture that brings soul to your home. Mid-century modern is a perfect representation of this belief.

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