21 Jul

The Beauty of Tallcase Clocks

The Tallcase Antique Clock

Tallcase Antique Clock

A beautiful Swedish Mora antique clock from 1835

Always dreamt of having a tallcase antique clock in your home or office? Us too. We’ve been bringing these beauties over since the 80s. Danish Bornholm, Swedish Mora, Empire, Biedermeier – some of the best that 19th century Scandinavia has to offer.

Original Mechanical Works within True Works of Art

All our tallcases are in full working order with their original mechanical works intact. They’re weight-driven and wound by hand (every five to eight days depending on the piece). They tick and tock and chime on the hour – our favorite part. In this day and age, nobody needs an antique clock to tell the time, but these are more than timepieces – they’re pieces of history.

They are some of the pieces we put the most work into when they arrive as well. The works of each piece are gone over fully by a clock professional to make sure the mechanics are sound. Then we scrape each and every layer of paint by hand using a razor (really!) to reveal the original finish below.


These tallcase clocks are works of art for the eyes and the ears: auditory sculptures. The chime will become part of the sound of your home. Maybe you’ll even develop a tradition of winding it with your granddaughter each week like I do. Each piece is unique, with a special character and charm to its look and sound. Friends will admire, guests will envy.

We have a handful of these tallcase beauties left from our last shipment. Before we go on our next trip later this summer. Take a look at our collection via the link below and if you see something you like give us a call or send us an email to learn more.