How Does eSIM Work for Roaming?

Traveling to a foreign land is always exciting, but staying connected can take time and effort. In the past, international roaming charged high fees, long waits, and complex processes. Fortunately, with the innovation of eSIM technology, traveling has become more accessible, approachable, and convenient than ever before. eSIM is the best solution that can access mobile data without having a need for a physical card. Interested in knowing how eSIM for roaming works? Read this blog to know more.

How does an International eSIM do Works?

An eSIM is an innovative onboard solution in mobile devices that allows you to access international data without extra charges and facing the difficulty of finding a physical SIM card at your destination. Instead of using a physical SIM, buy esim card makes your traveling journey easy in a foreign land. The eSIM card will connect easily with local service towers offering prepaid eSIM plans. However, some providers already offer these plans through the process of downloading an e-SIM profile.

An eSIM for roaming works like a local SIM, but you can still use your number (if your device supports Dual SIM Dual Standby – which is the case with most eSIM devices). You can still use WhatsApp and Telegram to send texts or make calls if you do not have Dual SIM technology.

How to Activate eSIM for International Roaming?

When you buy eSIM card roaming plan, you need to determine whether your device supports eSIM or not. To check mobile compatibility, you can contact your mobile service provider and check mobile specifications. If it is consistent and follows the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Buy eSIM Plan

Once you are confirmed that your mobile is compatible, you must buy an eSIM card plan from the service provider. Numerous service providers offer eSIM plans for international roaming so that you can select them as per your requirement. 

  1. Scan QR Code and Download eSIM Profile

When you purchase an eSIM plan, you receive a QR code or download link for an eSIM profile. You can scan the code or download the eSIM profile using the link provided by the plan provider. 

  1. Activate the eSIM

After downloading the eSIM profile, you must activate it by following the instructions. It requires entering a verification code and selecting the eSIM plan you want to use. 

Benefits of eSIM for Roaming

  • No other SIM card or contract is needed
  • Connect with the fastest 4G LTE/5G cellular data networks
  • Allows you to activate data plans you require and keep control over cost
  • Offered services in more than 200 countries and regional boundaries
  • Switch between the home carrier and other networks quickly


Using eSIM for roaming internationally is an excellent option for staying connected when traveling abroad. The eSIM offers many benefits, including global coverage and multiple profiles. You can follow the steps to activate eSIM, avoid any unexpected charges, and use eSIM without hassle. Learn more and buy eSIM card if you are planning a trip. You’ll appreciate its convenience and flexibility.