31 Dec

Closing After 37 Years

Jim Kilroy

Today I am writing to tell you that after 37 years at 138 Charles Street, Danish Country Antiques will be closing its doors before the new year.

I opened Danish Country in early 1984, when my wife, Ruthi, was pregnant with our first child. We were returning to my hometown after years in Europe to be close to my family and to raise a family of our own, which is exactly what we did. We lived above the store at first, then moved out to the suburbs after our second child was born. All three of our kids have grown up in the store, unloaded containers, accompanied me on buying trips to Denmark, and have helped Danish Country adapt from weekly ads in the Sunday Globe to social media and newsletters like this.

From the very beginning, Danish Country was a family affair: my siblings helped me fix up the store for our grand opening, and in the last 15 years two of my sisters, Ann and Carol, have worked tirelessly for Danish Country. I want to take this opportunity to thank you both. I could not have done it without you.

The pandemic has meant I’m not able to do what I’ve always insisted upon doing, which is going to Denmark to hand-pick each and every piece myself, ensuring the highest standards. I am not yet sure what the future holds for Danish Country. For now, I will enjoy a bit of rest with my family. And once I can travel to Scandinavia again – who knows? Maybe I’ll be back in your inboxes with another announcement before too long.

When we opened at number 138, we were one of around thirty antique shops on Charles Street, known as “Antique Row”. Now, we are one of just a few left. Times have changed, clients and styles have come and gone, but I have always relished the opportunity to meet new people and fill your homes with heirlooms and treasures.

To my clients old and new, and the whole Beacon Hill community, thank you for a wonderful 37 years.

All the best,


Danish Country Storefront with Sunflowers