20 Sep

How We Restore Antiques

Our workshop in Newton Upper Falls.

Our restoration workshop in Newton Upper Falls.

Restoring antique furniture is not easy work. It’s brutal, actually. Imagine peeling nine layers of 100-year-old paint off a piece of wood layer by layer, inch by inch. But we love doing it. Why? Because it brings the piece back to life. It breaths soul back into a forgotten antique.

Anne, my sister, is my right-hand woman when it comes to restoration. She even remembers the first piece she worked on – I asked her about it yesterday. It was a pine bench that had been painted white. She could see some blue and green underneath and she just went to work. She’s entirely self-taught, but had always been someone who was good with her hands. She experimented with different tools and treatments, even going so far as asking her dentist what he used on teeth! c7edaecc-1829-4797-beeb-6e1346fc8f4d

I buy pieces in Sweden and Denmark based on shape and character. After doing this for 30 years I can tell, usually from a good distance, the authenticity and uniqueness of a piece. But with furniture that’s often hundreds of years old, there’s a good chance someone at some point has painted over the original wood.

We restore so many pieces ourselves. Some say that’s too risky. But to us it’s more fun – we love finding these diamonds in the rough and bringing them back to life with our hands. And most importantly, it means we can offer the same, highest quality furniture you could find at other retailers at a fraction of the price because we do all the work in house. That’s the part of our restoration practice we’re most proud of.

We love what we do. We love hunting for beauty from the past and bringing it to life in the present. Restoration is an undervalued aspect of a good antique business. We hope getting a peek into our world gives you a newfound appreciation for the hands, minds, and dedication that goes into what you see in our store.