21 Jan

Three of My Favorite Things

Each new shipment brings not only a great deal of excitement, but also a whole lot of  work. Each piece needs organizing, describing and measuring, and sometimes a bit of research, to get it ready for the online catalog. Now that our November shipment is finally up on the web site, I can take a moment to appreciate it all.

If I had to pick my favorite it would be very difficult. But these three would be at the top of my list:

#1 –  For Relaxing in Front of a Roaring Fire on a Cold Winter Evening

What could be better than this Danish Mid Century Modern leather wing-back chair? This chair has it all – classic styling with a Danish Modern twist, rich brown leather upholstery with a patina of age. Pour me another whiskey and soda!

A Rare Danish Mid Century Modern Brown Leather Upholstered Wingback Chair

 #2 –  For the Camembert and the Havarti

We entertain a lot and love to serve a cheese course. These are Swedish scrubbing boards from the mid-1800’s. We have several, all rustic and well-worn. You might think of other uses for them – they’d look great on a kitchen or pantry wall for example. But I think they make terrific cheese boards. Does it make the cheese taste better? I think so.

#3 – What the Heck Is That?

It’s an unusual antique Danish pine linen press and has a built-in storage cabinet on the bottom. Could a piece of furniture be any more amazing? It’s solidly built of pine that has the depth of character that time brings out. You get storage for your sheets and towels and so much more. I’m grateful for no-iron sheets, aren’t you?

97201A Antique Linen Press